2019 Currently Active Rule Change Proposals

Below are currently active rule change proposals that are being considered by USHJA committees, working groups and will be voted on by the USHJA Board of Directors at the USHJA Annual Meeting. The USHJA Board’s vote on these rule change proposals will be submitted to the USEF for consideration through their rule change proposal process and ultimately the USEF Board of Directors will determine what rule change proposals are approved for inclusion in the USEF Rulebook.

From Nov. 4 to Dec. 1, USHJA is requesting member input on these rule change proposals to inform the USHJA Board of Directors’ vote on them. The comment period is currently closed, and the input received during the comment period is being shared with the appropriate committees, working groups and the Board for consideration, and the information will be available at the USHJA Annual Meeting.

Rule Reference Tracking ID Proponent Description Comment
HJ 127.1 156-19 USHJA
Board of Directors
GR 1021.0 130-19 USHJA
Officials Committee
course designers
GR 1205.0 132-19 USHJA
Officials Committee
course designer
EQ 110.0 147-19 USHJA
Officials Committee
Course Designers
HU 117.0 148-19 USHJA
Officials Committee
Course Designers
GR 311.0 110-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Hunter - awards ratings
GR 1131.3 119-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
hunter and equitation divisions
HJ 119.1 172-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Young Hunter
HJ 119.3 173-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Young Hunter
HU 111.0 177-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Young Hunter
HU 133.2 179-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Young Hunter
HU 162.3 178-19 USHJA
Young Hunter Ad Hoc
Young Hunter
GR 1131.0 142-19 Thomas Brennan Green Hunter Incentive Stakes
HU 169.0 143-19 Thomas Brennan green hunter incentive program
JP 113.0 188-19 USHJA
Board of Directors
EQ 111.0 189-19 USHJA
Board of Directors
HU 167.0 191-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
EQ 107.0 180-19 USHJA
Joint Equitation Task Force
HU 100.0 136-19 Ilissa Loewenstein Meyer
HU 106.0 075-19 USHJA equipment
HU 106.0 055-19 Rose Carignan equipment
HU 129.1 166-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Under Saddle & Hack Classes
HU 131.9 167-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Green Eligibility
HU 131.2 149-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Green Eligibility
HU 142.10 168-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Junior Hunter (Under Saddle classes)
HU 143.0 140-19 Emily Anne Belin-McDonnell evaluation
HU 145.2 154-19 USHJA
Hunter Breeding Task Force
Pony Hunter Breeding
HU 162.5 170-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Combining & Dividing
HU 169.0 015-19 USHJA
Executive Committee
USHJA Green Hunter Incentive
HU 174.2 171-19 USHJA
Hunter Working Group
Hunter Classics (Combining/Dividing)
JP 103.0 073-19 USHJA schooling supervision
JP 111.1 160-19 Jumper Tack and Attire
JP 117.0 159-19 Jumper Sections/Classes Restricted to JR, A/O, Amateur or YR
JP 122.1 158-19 Jumper Fence Dimensions
JP 136.1 157-19 Jumper The Competition Round
JP 138.1 106-19 Nancy George refusal
GR 307.4 109-19 Competitions Task Force classifications - hunter/jumper
GR 312.0 133-19 Competitions Task Force determining ratings
GR 315.4 112-19 Competitions Task Force mileage exemption
GR 315.0 135-19 USEF Officers mileage exemption
GR 411.0 128-19 UPHA therapeutic administration of prohibited substances
GR 414.0 127-19 Veterinary bisphosphonates
GR 702.1 124-19 USEF Officers violations
GR 801.0 137-19 Donna Rocchetti competition numbers
GR 846.0 126-19 Veterinary isolation protocol
GR 10.0 146-19 Licensed Officials Duties
GR 1004.1 079-19 Licensed Officials general rules
GR 1102.0 116-19 USEF Officers horse recordings
GR 1034.4 115-19 Licensed Officials stewards and technical delegates
GR 1105.0 122-19 USEF Officers transfer of ownership
GR 1131.2 118-19 Competitions Task Force hunter and equitation divisions
GR 1202.0 134-19 USEF Officers safe sport
GR 1306.0 144-19 Roxane D. Durant
Christy Landwehr
professional/amateur status
HJ 105.1 164-19 USHJA
Horse and Rider Advocates
Privacy Screens
HJ 124.2 174-19 National Hunter Committee Stand-alone International Hunter Derby Competitions

Recently, USEF and USHJA signed an agreement making unnecessary the 19 rule change proposals concerning USHJA program specification enforcement previously listed here. Therefore, USHJA has withdrawn them.