2021 USHJA Emerging Athletes Program Recommendation Form

Please note: References may not be submitted from a family member or from a member of the EAP Committee. Applicants to the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program are required to ensure that three EAP Recommendation Forms are completed online from the three references provided by the applicant. One of the letters must be from a current trainer, or a trainer who has knowledge of the rider's abilities, describing in detail the applicant's experience and capabilities. The remaining two recommendations must be from adults within the hunter/jumper industry, including trainers, veterinarians or farriers, for example, who have working knowledge of the applicant's riding and horsemanship abilities. Each EAP Recommendation Form must be completed and signed by the individual and must include contact information which may be used for verification purposes. All responses will be kept confidential by USHJA.


All responses will be kept confidential by USHJA. Please be advised: The typing of your name below shall be considered to be an electronic signature and shall be considered to have the same legal effect and validity as your handwritten signature. Therefore, in so typing your name in the fields below, you are confirming this verification statement and the truth of the contents of this document.