Trainer Certification Program Recommendation Form


  • Certified Trainer applicants are required to ensure that three TCP Recommendation Forms are sent directly to USHJA from three references provided by the applicant.
  • The recommendations must be from full-time, active professional trainers within the hunter/jumper industry who have working knowledge of the applicant's current riding, teaching and training abilities for at least the past three years.
  • All of the recommendations must come from USEF declared professionals who are current USHJA members in good standing. At least one of the professionals must be from the applicant's home zone.
  • It is important that the professionals can comment on the applicant's abilities working with a variety of levels of riders and horses.
  • Each recommendation form must be completed and signed by the individual and must include contact information, which may be used for verification purposes.
  • Additional pertinent references who have known the applicant for a shorter period (i.e. fewer than three years for Certified Trainer applicants) are acceptable in support of the application.
  • The references may not be submitted from a family member, an employee, a member of the TCP Committee, or a professional that provides a service for your business (e.g., veterinarian, farrier, et cetera).

Contact TCP Administrator at (859) 225-6700 with any questions.

Reference Information

Applicant Information

Please provide the following information based on your working knowledge of the applicant. We realize that you may not have knowledge of the applicant in all of the capacities listed, and this will not count against the applicant in the review process.

All responses will be kept confidential by USHJA.

Please be advised: The typing of your name below shall be considered to be an electronic signature and shall be considered to have the same legal effect and validity as your handwritten signature. Therefore, in so typing your name in the fields below, you are confirming this verification statement and the truth of the contents of this document.

The completed TCP Recommendation Form must be submitted directly to the USHJA office. Recommendations submitted on anything other than the required form and not sent directly to the USHJA office by the individual completing the recommendation will not be accepted.

The TCP Recommendation Form must be received in the USHJA office by the following deadlines to be considered:

  • January 15 for review in February
  • May 15 for review in June
  • September 15 for review in October