Mary Babick Nominated as Next USHJA President

October 19, 2012


The USHJA Nominating Committee announces Mary Babick of Freehold, NJ, as its candidate for the office of President of the United States Hunter Jumper Association.

Current USHJA President Bill Moroney commented on Mary’s nomination. “Having served as USHJA President since the organization’s inception in July of 2003, and having guided it to its present prominence in our sport, I feel it is exactly the right time for me to step aside as President. Mary is capable and willing to perform the duties of the office of President, and she both exemplifies the qualities and possesses the skills the Board of Directors deems important for the position.”

Current USHJA Vice President and USEF President Elect, Chrystine Tauber shared Moroney’s sentiment. “Mary Babick is a well-respected horsewoman. Combined with her Board and governance experience, she will provide knowledgeable and strong leadership. It is incumbent upon all leaders to cultivate and bring forth new leaders. Having worked with Bill Moroney, I know that Mary has received great guidance and is well prepared to make a smooth transition to the position of President.”

A professional horsewoman for 34 years, Mary has trained several well-known riders including Whitney Roper, Maria Schaub, Jessica Springsteen, Samantha Schaefer, Abby O'Mara and Meg O'Mara. Mary is married to Alex Babick, and she owns and operates Knightsbridge Farm in Atlantic Highlands, NJ training riders of all ages and levels.

“I am both pleased and honored to be considered for this position. My hope for the future of the USHJA is that working together, the members, volunteers, staff and leadership can continue to strengthen our sport at all levels. Together we can become more than the sum of our parts. Bill's legacy as President leaves me with some big shoes to fill," Babick reflected.

Mary has been an integral member of the USHJA Board of Directors, Planning Committee and Emerging Athletes Committee, as well as chairing the Youth Committee. She has been an essential part of developing several programs for our young athletes, including the Emerging Athletes Program.

USHJA Board of Directors member and Chair of the Hunter Restructure Committee, Geoff Teall supports the nomination. “There is no one who could have brought the USHJA to where it is today other than Bill Moroney. In my opinion, there is not a better choice to take his place as President than Mary Babick. Bill has further demonstrated his vision for our sport and his real leadership qualities by knowing when to step aside, and for whom. I applaud Bill for his decision, the nominating committee of the USHJA for this choice and all their other important decisions, and wish Mary all the best in her new role at the USHJA. She will do a great job for all of us I am sure.”

The full slate can be viewed here and will be presented for election to office at the USHJA Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, December 4, during the USHJA Annual Meeting, which runs from December 3-6, 2012, in Miami, Florida.

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