USHJA Announces Candidates for Election

October 19, 2012

Lexington, KY – Earlier this year, the USHJA Board of Directors approved a new governance structure which provides for the membership to nominate Officer and Director At-Large candidates for the Nominating Committee’s consideration, as well as direct nominations to the Board through the Working Groups and Affiliates Council. Candidates were required to accept their recommendation for consideration by the Nominating Committee and to submit written answers to a series of questions the Nominating Committee created. Thirty candidate recommendations were received from the membership.

As a result of several meetings and careful consideration of all candidates, the Nominating Committee provided the Board of Directors with the slate of candidates listed below for election to the Board of Directors in December. David Distler commented that “Serving on the Nominating Committee was a learning experience. It was a fair and equitable process and I was happy to be a part of it.”

Nominating Committee member Shelley Campf shared her thoughts on the process, “I was thoroughly impressed with several of the recommended potential candidates with regard to their vision of what the USHJA is, where it came from, and where it is going. I feel we are really fortunate to have had such a diverse, educated and thoughtful group to choose from.”

The USHJA Nominating Committee includes members elected by the Jumper Working Group, Hunter Working Group, Affiliates Council and Board of Directors. The Committee consists of Chairman Howard Pike, Liza Boyd, Shelley Campf, Tara Clausen, Rick Cram, David Distler, Christine McCrea, Sally Ike and Streett Moore.

USHJA President Bill Moroney stated, “I have always felt that a duty of leadership is to cultivate capable, willing and knowledgeable people as future leaders, and when they are found, to step aside and let them come forward. Mary Babick exceeds the Presidential qualities and skills approved by the Board of Directors, and I firmly believe she will responsibly and capably lead this dynamic organization into the future. We must commend the members of the Nominating Committee for their discretion and extensive work to bring forth a slate of knowledgeable candidates to guide this organization.”

Slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors in December:

National Officers
President – Mary Babick
Secretary – Larry Langer
Treasurer – Skip Thornbury

Jumper Working Group Directors
Jumper Discipline Vice President – David Distler
Jumper Working Group Director – Candice King
Jumper Working Group Director – Margie Engle
Jumper Working Group Director – Anne Kursinski

Hunter Working Group Directors
Hunter Discipline Vice President – Mary Babick
Hunter Working Group Director – Shelley Campf
Hunter Working Group Director – Liza Boyd
Hunter Working Group Director – Colleen McQuay

Affiliates Council Directors
Streett Moore
Lori Cramer

At-Large Directors
Debbie Bass
Bob Bell
Karen Healey
Susan Harding
Britt McCormick
Cheryl Rubenstein
Eric Straus

USHJA Foundation President Director
Lynn Jayne

The slate will be presented for election to office during the USHJA Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, December 4, during the USHJA Annual Meeting, which runs from December 3-6, 2012, in Miami, Florida.

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