George Morris to Serve as an Advisor for New USHJA Working Groups


September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012, Lexington, KY – The United States Hunter Jumper Association announces George Morris will serve as an Advisor for the Hunter and Jumper Working Groups. Representation on the Working Groups includes athletes, amateurs, owners, trainers, coaches, riders, licensed officials and competition organizers.

“The USHJA is delighted that George Morris has agreed to serve as an Advisor to the newly established Hunter and Jumper Working Groups. His perspective is that of both a traditionalist and a forward thinker.” stated USHJA President Bill Moroney.

In speaking to him about this new role, George shared his support of the USHJA and the new Working Groups and what he believes to be important issues for them to consider. George recommends that the Hunter Working Group ‘take a serious look at the Hunter rules relating specifically to the class descriptions, obstacle requirements and specifications and consider how these should look in the future.’ George is a self-described traditionalist who believes that when you depart too far from the tradition and foundation of the sport ‘you are headed down a very slippery slope.’ While the Derby program has resulted in the requirement for a handy round in every section outside of the Green Ponies, he would like to see the Derby program have an even greater impact in the hunter sections.

George’s thoughts for the Jumper Working Group are summarized in his statement that “we need to build a pyramid from the bottom to the top”. His suggestion is that as much as is feasible the specifications in our jumper divisions “mirror the FEI, so we are in sync with the rest of the world.” This will make the transition to competing in Canada and Europe more seamless for our athletes and create greater rapport between our country and the sport in the rest of the world.

Bill concluded “Certainly as the Working Groups evolve and develop more programs to support the USHJA’s mission, George will bring other insights to the conversation. His plan to expand his clinics and teaching across the US and around the world will allow him to see our sport from a very unique perspective that will be helpful to both working groups as they chart our course.”

About the USHJA Working Groups:
The Hunter and Jumper Working Group responsibilities include (but are not limited to): Establishing and assisting in the population of Discipline Task Forces such as open, junior/amateur, young rider, children’s/adult and pony and Joint Task Forces such as equitation; assisting in the population of Program Task Forces such as Emerging Athletes, Young Riders, Hunter Derby and World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR); providing oversight for all Working Group Task Forces, the Zone Council and Zone Committees; reviewing all current and proposed programs and initiatives within the Discipline to insure compliance with Board approved criteria and processes; providing the CEO with a proposed annual budget for the activities within its respective area of expertise; recommending individuals for seating on the USHJA Board of Directors and the Working Group Task Forces; and at each Annual Meeting, conducting one (1) joint meeting of the Working Groups to facilitate discussion and provide recommendations on sport wide issues to the Board of Directors.

To learn more about the new USHJA Governance Structure visit the USHJA website.

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