USHJA’s New Governance Model Creates Balance

September 18, 2012

Lexington, KY - In the August 2012 issue of USHJA In Stride, USHJA President, Bill Moroney, presented the amended USHJA governance model. He stressed the importance of paying close attention to diversity and bringing new people into the governance model. As president, Bill has demonstrated the association’s commitment to that concept with the recent establishment of the newly formed Jumper and Hunter Working Groups which includes representation of athletes, amateurs, trainers, owners, riders, licensed officials, competition organizers and coaches. The working group responsibilities are included in the USHJA Bylaws beginning on page 15.

When asked about the importance of these changes Bill Moroney stated, “It is always important in governance to strike a balance between retaining experienced volunteers who have demonstrated their willingness to work, while adding new people who will bring new ideas, new perspective and new energy to the leadership mix. Another important element is to make certain we involve currently active athletes in the governance equation.” You can find the definition of an Active Athlete for both the jumper and hunter disciplines on pages 1 and 2 of the Bylaw Policy and Procedure manual on the USHJA website.

After receiving input from the USHJA Zone Councils, the USHJA Affiliates Council, the USEF National Jumper and Hunter Committees and the USEF Show Jumping High Performance Committee, USHJA is pleased to announce the members of the USHJA Jumper and Hunter Working Groups.

Jumper Working Group
1. David Distler – CT - Chair
2. John Ammerman – VT
3. Jeff Campf – OR
4. Missy Clark – VT
5. Margie Engle – FL
6. Michelle Grubb – FL
7. Sally Ike – NJ
8. Lisa Jacquin – PA
9. Candice King – FL
10. Anne Kursinski – NJ
11. Larry Langer – CA
12. Beezie Madden – NY
13. Christine McCrea – CT
14. Britt McCormick – TX
15. Guy McElvain – NM
16. Mandy Porter – CA
17. Robert Ridland – CA
18. Charlotte Skinner – CA
19. Jimmy Torano – FL

Hunter Working Group
1. Mary Babick – NJ – Chair
2. Debbie Bass – OH
3. Bob Bell – SC
4. Liza Boyd – SC
5. Tom Brennan – WV
6. Shelley Campf – OR
7. Rick Cram – SC
8. Ron Danta – SC
9. Hope Glynn – CA
10. Patricia Griffith – NY
11. Dianne Johnson – WA
12. Stacia Madden – NJ
13. Colleen McQuay – TX
14. Tobey McWilliams – PA
15. Betty Oare – VA
16. Debbie Sands – CA
17. Christina Schlusemeyer – FL
18. Louise Serio – PA
19. Geoff Teall – FL

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