2012 USHJA Stirrup Cup Adds New Awards

April 10, 2012

The USHJA Stirrup Cup Award Program has added several new categories for the 2012 season that began September 16, 2011, and ends September 15, 2012. We have been asked to include the section codes for the new sections. Please feel free to contact Diane Popp for any questions regarding these awards.

New Sections for 2012:

  1. Performance Hunter 3’3”: Section code 2003

  2. Thoroughbred Hunter: Section code 3109
    Thoroughbred Hunter: Limited to horses that are registered with or are eligible to be registered with The Jockey Club. To be judged on performance and soundness. To be shown over a minimum of eight fences 3’ in height. Points will be awarded according to the rating of the competition. It is the responsibility of the competition to verify eligibility.

  3. Low Children’s Hunters: Section code 2716

    Low Adult Hunters: Section code 2805
    Low Children’s/Adult Hunters: Can be split. Specifications: fences 2'6" and no cross entry by riders into any class at the same show exceeding 2'6", except age group equitation and medal classes up to 3'; often these classes are called "Low," "Pre," “Novice” or some other nomenclature. In addition, shows may offer Low Pony Hunter (2'0"). Low Pony Hunter riders may not cross enter into any class at the same show exceeding 2', except age group equitation and medal classes up to 3'.

  4. Low Children’s Jumpers: Section code 3505

    Low Adult Jumpers: Section code 3506
    Low Children’s/Adult Jumpers: Can be split. Follows zone specifications.

  5. Low Pony Jumpers: Section code 9501
    Low Pony Jumpers: Unrated classes with heights of 2’9" to 3’0"; follows Pony Jumper rules.

  6. 1.20 Jumpers: Section code 3808

  7. 1.30 Jumpers: Section code 3809

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