World Equestrian Brands Awards Sponsor for the 2012 National Hunter Derby

March 23, 2012

Lexington, KY - The United States Hunter Jumper Association is pleased to announce World Equestrian Brands as the Awards Sponsor for the 2012 USHJA National Hunter Derby program.

“We are delighted to have World Equestrian Brands as the first sponsor for the National Hunter Derby program. It is exciting for the National Hunter Derby exhibitors to have World Equestrian Brands recognize their achievements.” stated Shelby French, CEO of USHJA.

Modeled from the popular International Hunter Derby program, the USHJA developed this separate series of competitions geared toward the up-and-coming horses and riders. The National Hunter Derby program was launched in 2010 to provide both horses and riders a place to gain experience in Derby type competition at a lower height and difficulty level.

At the conclusion of the competition year USHJA will recognize the top 10 nationally ranked horses in the National Hunter Derbies, with the overall winner receiving a World Equestrian Brands package which includes an Amerigo Vega Special saddle, Amerigo Leathers, Amerigo Special Jump girth, Mattes Hunter pad, Equilibrium Fetlock boots and Equilibrium Ankle boots. Horses placing second through tenth will receive a World Equestrian Brands package containing a Vespucci Bridle and Mattes Correction Half Pad.

“World Equestrian Brands is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the USHJA and the National Hunter Derby Program. The Hunter Derby is a great way to see the talents and capabilities of the horse and rider combinations. It is a perfect partnership for all of our brands, Amerigo, Mattes, Vespucci, and Equilibrium, because these products shine when the level of difficulty increases, and it is evident that the equipment we use on our horses really does influence success. Tack matters.” Robin Moore, owner of World Equestrian Brands said.

USHJA National Hunter Derbies are open to any horse or pony registered with USHJA. To receive Zone Horse of the Year bonus points horses, ponies and owners must be actively recorded with USEF and USHJA. Riders must fill out the official USHJA Declaration Form in the horse show office of the event where they are competing in a National Hunter Derby.

For additional information on the 2012 USHJA National Hunter Derby Program please visit or contact Kelley Mallery at or 859.225.6717.

About World Equestrian Brands; Based in Buena Vista, VA- The mission at World Equestrian Brands, LLC is to provide world class, high performance equestrian products with hassle-free, personalized service backed by the experience of a team of riders.

WEB is dedicated to the equine industry and is continuously taking steps to be involved in the industry’s many facets. As riders, WEB is regularly reaching out to other riders, competitors, organizers, and retail stores to listen to their needs and the problems they are trying to solve with their equipment. WEB works very closely with many equine associations including USHJA and the USEA to support the equine industry and get feedback from different disciplines in the English market.

To learn more about World Equestrian Brands line of quality products please visit them at or call 1-888-6EQUINE (1-888-637-8463).

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