USHJA CEO Shelby French Starts Blog for Open Discussion with Members

February 16, 2012

Lexington, KY - The new USHJA CEO Blog, French Speak, had a soft launch on Thursday, February 9, but is now live and awaiting members arrival. "As your CEO, I think that you should get to know me, ask me questions or bring up issues that you feel need to be discussed and feel like you can share your opinions with me. Hence, I am now a blogger! I look forward to hearing from you." Shelby French said.

For those who know French well, the notion of her starting a blog most likely left you in a state of disbelief. French would normally agree with that sentiment, but believes that electronic communication is now a fact of life and wishes USHJA members to feel that they have a means to connect with her and other USHJA staff. "I am generally a pretty private person and don’t do the Facebook or Twitter thing and probably never will." French admitted.

One of the big challenges of today’s electronic communication is trying to navigate through the vast quantities of information that is readily available and trying to determine what is or isn’t pertinent to each individual need. The risk of confusion was in part what inspired French to take the leap into blogging. "Making certain that in the avalanche of information you don’t miss something important can be never-ending. Just a few years ago it was simple to stay on top of what was happening in our sport just by picking up an array of equestrian magazines." French said.

A major benefit of the electronic communication era is being more environmentally responsible and killing fewer trees. French noted, "Remember the good old days when every USEF member received the White Book of proposed rule changes in the mail? Well that information is still available to all of us but instead of arriving very conveniently in our mail boxes, we now have to go online and access it ourselves. Those of us who loved having that paper booklet to mark up and make notes in, now have to print it for ourselves (still killing those trees). Electronic communication has made us more responsible for finding out what we need to know ourselves and that takes some getting used to, at least for those of us in my generation." French is embracing this new electronic era and seeking ways to use it in a productive manner.

The message to USHJA members, "I hope you will take the time to post to the blog or email or call me if you prefer. If I am in the office, I answer my own phone and I try to respond to every email within 24hours, even if it is just to say that it might take me awhile to get back to you in detail. I won’t have all the answers to your questions or concerns but I will tell you what I know or ask another staff member to be a guest blogger if they can provide more insights than I can."

French welcomes your feedback and questions, this tool is exclusively for members and you will need your member number to register. Once registered select a user id and password, when posting comments and questions only the user id you have selected will be shown.

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