Hunter & Equitation Rule Changes - Effective Immediately

January 23, 2012

Notice to USHJA Members Regarding Rule Changes Passed at the January Meeting of the USEF Executive Committee and that are Effective Immediately.

HU179 Protesting Height. [Chapter HU - Hunter Division, Subchapter HU-10 Measurement] 449-11 effective immediately:

6. Animals Six Years of Age or Over. If the protest measurement finds the animal to be outside the permitted height range (removed: is not within the heights range for the section in which the animal is shown) that is determined by the animal's measurement card (e.g. small hunter pony, large junior hunter, etc.), the owner forfeits entry fees and winnings for that competition. If the protest measurement is not within the height range, (removed: for the section) all points accumulated for Horse of the Year Awards to that date are nullified. The animal can immediately commence competing at its new height section or as a horse with a Horse of the Year point balance of zero.

EQ111 Class Routine. [Chapter EQ - Equitation Division, Subchapter EQ - 2 Hunter Seat Equitation Section] 457-11 effective immediately:
1. Over Obstacles. The performance begins when the horse enters the ring. Except for refusals jumping faults of the horse are not to be considered unless it is the result of the rider’s ability. No rider can be eliminated until ten riders have completed the course, or a number equal to the ribbons being awarded. (Exception: three refusals, fall of horse and/or rider and off course). The following will result in elimination: a) fall of horse and/or rider; b) three cumulative refusals (exceptions: USEF Medal Finals, USEF Pony Medal Finals, Maclay Finals, USEF Talent Search class and the WIHS Equitation Jumper phase, exhibitors will be eliminated after two cumulative refusals); and c) off course; and d) trotting or cantering through the in-gate or out-gate. In the event of an elimination, the rider must exit the ring immediately. If elimination occurs during a ride-off, the competitor is placed last of all those chosen for the rideoff, but placed before any riders not participating (see EQ114).

The following constitute major faults and can be cause for elimination: a) a refusal; b) loss of stirrup; c) trotting while on course when not part of a test; and d) loss of reins. Each competitor may circle once before approaching the first obstacle. He then proceeds around course keeping an even pace throughout. If a refusal occurs in a double or triple, competitors must rejump all obstacles in the combination. Any or all competitors can be called back to perform at a walk, trot and canter or to execute any appropriate tests included in class requirements (see EQ113 and EQ114). In the event that a rail comes down, first score the knockdown within the context of the round. Unless the knock down is caused by a MAJOR rider error, it should not be considered a MAJOR riding fault.

EQ114 Tests From Which Judges Must Choose. [Chapter EQ - Equitation Division, Subchapter EQ - 2 Hunter Seat Equitation Section] 458-11 effective immediately:
Tests may be performed either collectively or individually but no other tests may be used. Instructions must be publicly announced. A judge may ask riders to re-jump an abbreviated or shortened form of the original course.

NOTE: In Hunter Seat Equitation classes, any exhibitor who does not participate in the testing is placed last of those competitors called back to test. Should more than one exhibitor fail to return for testing they will be placed at the judge's discretion. If exhibitors are called back collectively to test, they must remain in the ring until all exhibitors have completed the test. Equitation tests must not have exhibitors trotting or cantering through in-gate or out-gate; any exhibitor choosing to trot or canter through the in-gate or out-gate must be eliminated (see EQ111). Obstacles jumped in an equitation test must have been included in the original course. Jumps must be jumped in the original direction unless otherwise specified.

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