Information to Members

August 26, 2011

Dear Members,
In the past seven years, USHJA has been unique in that we have not altered our annual membership fee, while the cost of doing business has been steadily increasing. You are all sharing our experience of increases in fuel, postage and shipping, utilities, lodging, insurance, etc., that are today's reality. USHJA has taken strong measures to control costs in order to delay an inevitable change in fees, while at the same time our membership has been growing and many programs have been added making greater demands on our available resources. The cost increases of the past seven years and the expansion of member driven services and programs have caught up with us and the Board had to determine the best way to proceed in order to maintain our current level of services and programming.

After extensive review the USHJA Board has identified the need to increase membership fees to $65 per year if utilizing the Three Year Active Membership option and $70 per year for an Annual Active Membership beginning with the 2012 competition year. While increasing fees is never done lightly, as a non-profit member based organization it is an even more difficult decision. USHJA has been able to avoid an increase for the past seven years and is confident this effort will allow us to hold our membership dues constant for the next three to five years. In reviewing the membership dues of other equestrian organizations, the USHJA, as the largest USEF Affiliate, will still have one of the lowest memberships for active competitors.

USHJA has worked diligently to meet and exceed the needs of the hunter/jumper industry. The USHJA Directors, Committee members and staff take great pride in serving the members of the Association efficiently and effectively, while placing the highest emphasis on fiscal responsibility. While we understand this notice will be disappointing, it is our sincere hope that each member is able to understand the need to increase the dues at this time, as well as the efforts USHJA has taken to avoid this increase for as long as possible.

As a community of horsemen and horsewomen, USHJA applauds each member for their support and dedication to the industry. The volunteers and staff of the USHJA are always here to answer your questions and discuss your opinions and concerns.

We appreciate your understanding and support.
Shelby French, CEO

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