Watch the $100,000 COTH/USHJA Derby Finals LIVE and FREE Today

Jennifer Wood for Equestrian Life

August 21, 2010

Lexington, KY – August 21, 2010 – The final two rounds of the 2010 $100,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals is being offered LIVE and FREE! Go to to watch the final two rounds of the most exciting hunter competition in the country. Equestrian Life’s broadcast will begin online tonight at 6:30 p.m., with the first horse on course at 7:00 p.m.

After a fantastic first round on Friday of 61 horses and riders, the field was narrowed to the top 25. They will return for their classic hunter round tonight. This will be followed by the final round of top 12, who will compete over a compelling and competitive handy hunter course.

Of course, if you missed any of the rounds today, you can watch the replay anytime in its entirety! Equestrian Life had a record amount of live viewers, as well as views of the replay of the event in just the hours since the event finished, so click over to the Equestrian Life website to see what you missed.

All of the live, free webcasts from the 2010 $100,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals feature the engaging and informative commentary from experts Melanie Smith Taylor and R. Scot Evans. A leaderboard on the Equestrian Life Derby page has links to biography pages on the riders and horses competing. The leaderboard is also live and shows up-to-the-round scoring.

You too can be involved at the International Hunter Derby Finals! You do not have to be a member to watch but if you would like to participate in the live chat with others who are watching the competition, just log in as a member to the website, Discuss rounds and cheer on your favorite horses and riders. USHJA invites you to participate in this unique experience and be part of the Derby Finals as if you were there.

2010 $100,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals Top 25
(to compete tomorrow evening on even scoring)

1. Summer Place, Scott Stewart, Fashion Farm - 377
2. Jersey Boy, Jennifer Alfano, SBS Farms, - 375
3. Brunello, Liza Boyd, Janet Peterson and Liza Boyd - 374
4. The Specialist, Jennifer Alfano, Meredith Lipke - 357.5
5. World Time, Victoria Colvin, Scott Stewart - 356.50
6. Declaration, Scott Stewart, Fashion Farm - 355
7. CR Harbio, Colleen Acosta, Emily Allen - 354
8. C Coast Z, Lillie Keenan, Chansonette Farm-- 352
9. NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm, Peter Pletcher, Nordic Lights Farm - 351
10. Listen, Kelley Farmer, Jane Gaston — 347.5
11. Peridot, Tammy Provost, Stephen Martines — 346.25
12. Rock Star, Louise Serio, Bright Star — 345.5
13. Francesca, Maggie Jayne, Pony Lane Farm — 344.25
14. Sander, Maggie Jayne, Pony Lane Farm - 344
15. Poetic, Maggie Boylan, Maggie Boylan - 343
16. Castello, Liza Boyd, Roger Smith — 342.5
17. Borealus, Katie Dinan, Katie Dinan — 341.5
18. Early Applause, Maggie Jayne, Pony Lane Farm - 338
19. Taken, Kelley Farmer, Susan Baker — 336.25
20. Maui, Tiffany Morrissey, Kate Goodman — 335.25
21. Lonestar, Hunt Tosh, Dr. Betsee Parker - 330
22. Tell All, Peter Pletcher, Susan Baker — 329.5
23. Castle Rock, Louise Serio, Meralex Farm — 329.25
24. Westview, Peter Pletcher, Eva Bisso — 328.75
25. Colleen Acosta, Posse, Chris Guthrie — 328

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