National Hunter Classic

Leslie Deckard

April 30, 2010

Lexington, KY - The USHJA National Hunter Classic program has been developed to provide owners, riders, and trainers with the opportunity to compete in classes which simulate the USHJA International Hunter Derby in a format open to riders and their horses competing at 3’0” in height with higher option fences set at 3’3” to 3’5”. The National Hunter Classic events will serve as a stepping stone for riders and their horses to gain experience toward competing in the International Hunter Derby.

The USHJA National Hunter Classic format consists of a two round hunter classic judged on performance, hunter pace and style, quality and substance, movement and brilliance which is numerically scored. One point will be added to the score of each round for each higher option fence jumped without major fault, for a maximum of four additional points in each round. In addition to these scores, in the second round, the judges may award a maximum of 10 bonus points to each horse/rider combination for handiness of round and brilliance of pace. This score will be announced separately and added to each rider's score.

Riders will be compete for a minimum purse of $2,500 over a course consisting of a minimum of 10 obstacles in the first round and a minimum of eight obstacles in the second round. Courses must consist of obstacles which simulate those reminiscent of the hunt field and include at least one In and Out, one Bending Line, one line with an unrelated distance and one long approach.

In order for National Hunter Classic points to be awarded, riders must complete a USHJA Exhibitor Declaration Form. If the Exhibitor Declaration Form is not complete and submitted to the show office at the time of entry or at least one hour prior to the start of the class, riders will not receive points for the National Hunter Classic.

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