USHJA Zones Take Historic Step to Increase Programs


During the first USHJA Zone Retreat held earlier this year, the representatives present unanimously approved a recommendation to the USHJA Board of Directors regarding future funding for USHJA Zones. The recommendation was to assess each horse and rider combination entering USEF recognized competitions a USHJA Zone Support fee of $2.00 to be collected by the competition and remitted to the USHJA. Larry Langer, Jumper Zone Council Chair stated, "I have been searching for a simple way to adequately fund our Zone programs for many years now, and I am really excited that we seem to have finally found it. I think our whole Hunter/Jumper sport in the United States will benefit from this."

The USHJA Board of Directors has met and approved the recommendation for this funding mechanism for the Zones. “The implementation of the Zone Support Fee will be extremely beneficial to each zone, no matter its size, to help fund its programs. It is the intent of the USHJA to have one day of its annual meeting dedicated specifically to the Zone and Affiliate Committees, as well as their programs and awards presentations,” said Beth Miner, Hunter Zone Council Chair.

“Since the USHJA assumed the administration of the Zone Committees and Programs five years ago, we have seen a tremendous increase in responsible spending and accountability by our Zone representatives. Budgets are submitted for approval annually, the Zones are adhering to our financial controls and we will continue to monitor all aspects of the budgeting process. We congratulate the Zone representatives on creating this opportunity to increase the benefits provided to their constituents,” said Susan Dotson, USHJA Executive Director.

This $2 per horse fee will appear on the entry blank of each competition and will be payable along with your entry fees. The fee does not apply to horses competing at Local competitions or those horses that are currently exempt from paying the USEF Drug Fee.

The funds collected during the 2010 competition year will be distributed to the USHJA Zones in 2011. Each Zone will still receive a base allocation, along with the additional proceeds from the Zone Support fee, dispersed based on the number of Hunter and Jumper members in each USHJA Zone.

The full rule is listed below for your review:

GR1210 General. [Chapter 12. Competition Officials, Employees and Volunteers. Subchapter 12-C Duties of Competition Management in General]
14. Collection of non-USEF Fees
a. Federation International Discipline Associations and Recognized Affiliate Associations, as defined in GR204.1a and .b, may require a Licensee to collect fees from exhibitors and remit such fees to the applicable association, unless the Federation objects to such fees in writing.
b. A Licensee may also agree with any Federation Affiliated Association, as defined in GR 204.1 (c), (d), (e) and (f), to collect fees from exhibitors and remit such fees to the applicable association only if the following terms and conditions are met.
(1) Association must be a member in good standing of the Federation and the Federation Recognized Affiliate(s) representing the breed/discipline competing at competitions where the fees are to be assessed.
(2) Association must apply for and obtain permission from the Federation, in accordance with procedures published on the Federation's website, no less than
sixty (60) days prior to the start of the competition.
(3) Association, upon approval from the Federation, must provide a Licensee with a copy of the Federation Approval Letter prior to collection and remittance of fees.
(4) Association fees must be listed separately from Federation, International Discipline and Recognized Affiliate fees on entry blank and all amounts collected must be disclosed to the Federation along with and subject to post-competition reporting requirements.
c. Licensee shall not collect fees on behalf of any non-Federation International Discipline Association, non-recognized Affiliate Association or non-
Federation Affiliated Association.

For questions regarding the rule change or implementation of the USHJA Zone Support Fee, please contact USHJA at (859) 225-6700.

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