Nominations Open for USHJA Hunter Development Incentive Fund

August 10, 2009

Lexington, KY – August 10, 2009 – The Hunter Development Incentive Fund was created by the USHJA’s Breeders Committee to recognize and reward breeders and owners of American-bred hunters. The program is currently open for nominations and is offering special limited-time discounts for stallion and horse owners.

The HDIF will work from a points-based system to award financial bonuses to those who breed and show American-born hunters. Each point earned at a USHJA-approved event by a HDIF-nominated horse will be worth money. Enrolled horses will also be able to earn prize money at HDIF special member events. Only the top 5 HDIF Special Member Event individual class points will count towards ribbons, points or any year end payout and awards. HDIF nominated horses will not be eligible to compete in more than 10 HDIF Special Member Events.

USHJA members have three opportunities to participate in the HDIF program: as stallion owners, the nominators of foals or the owners of competing horses. Owners of nominated stallions will earn 10 percent of a foal’s HDIF lifetime monies. The annual fee paid by stallion owners will be based on the number of mares listed on the previous season’s breeding report. Foal/horse nominators will earn 10 percent of the nominated foal or horse’s lifetime HDIF monies. In order to be eligible, the horse must be included on the stallion’s breeding report. Competing horse owners will earn 80 percent of the horse’s lifetime HDIF monies.

Professionals in the industry see the program as a much needed boost for the American-bred horse and an excellent starting point for young horses. “The welfare and development of young hunters is the key to the structure of the Hunter Development Incentive Fund,” longtime breeder and USHJA Breeder’s Committee Chairman, Tish Quirk explains. “With input from breeders and trainers from across the country, we have designed classes that are age appropriate to help develop and educate the young hunters.”

USHJA is looking to offer a total of 50 classes during the 2010 competition year. Managers of all rated competitions that are interested in hosting a class, are asked to contact USHJA HDIF website for complete specifications, stallion nomination forms and horse nomination forms. Questions regarding the program may be directed to Sterling Berry at 859-225-6705.

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