USHJA Horse Registration

September 19, 2008

Over the past several months, the USHJA has been working to ensure that our members have been given proper consideration in the new USEF Fee Structure which will be implemented for the 2009 competition year. As the USEF has been bringing its fee for service structure up to speed, it has provided the USHJA with the opportunity to establish some long term strategic policies which will serve our organization and membership well into the future. In the process of working with USEF, USHJA has been conducting an audit of our own service and fee structure in order to provide our members with a fair and equitable fee for service model. This review has identified several opportunities which will make our sport more accessible for both current and potential members.

What this means for our members:

  • Starting December 1, 2008, USEF GR1102.3 requiring mandatory USEF horse recording of jumpers will be eliminated and the USHJA will establish a Horse Registration Program for hunters and jumpers. This type of registry program is currently used by other breeds and disciplines, such as the Arabian Horse Association, the United States Eventing Association and the United States Dressage Federation and it is the best way to provide lower cost access to USEF competitions.
  • Starting on December 1, 2008, in order to compete at a USEF licensed hunter, jumper or hunter/jumper competition, every horse must be registered with the USHJA for a one-time fee of $30.00.
  • Horses currently possessing a USEF Lifetime Recording as of November 30, 2008, will be grandfathered into the USHJA Registration Program using their current Recording number.
  • Members will still have the option of recording their horses either annually or with a lifetime recording with the USEF if they are interested in accruing points for HOTY, Zone and Foundation awards and to accrue points on the USEF Computer Ranking List.
  • Each horse will be assigned a USHJA Registration number and anytime you choose to obtain a USEF horse recording, the same number will be used.
  • If a horse currently has a USEF Horse ID number, upon payment of the $30 registration fee to USHJA, that number will become their USHJA Horse Registration Number.
  • Members who choose to annually record their horses with the USEF will need to obtain a USHJA Registry number, which will be the same as their current horse recording number.
  • Exhibitors only competing in USEF Local competitions will be exempt for the Horse Registration Fee, as are the following groups outlined in GR901.9 items 1-9: 1) leadline; 2) exhibitions; 3) games and races; 4)classes for 4-H members; 5) walk trot and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program); 6) USDF introductory level tests, pas de deux and quadrille classes; 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions. 8) Opportunity classes, 9) citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of current membership in good standing of their own National Federation.

The USHJA believes in the fee for service model and the opportunities it presents for our current and potential members. The fee for service model provides us with the ability to develop membership, horse registry and recording systems that will allow members to choose options which best suit their individual needs and competition goals. To accomplish this goal, we must make some changes to the current structure which will lay the foundation for the new system. The USHJA Horse Registration program is the first step towards creating a tiered system of horse recording for our members. To that end, the USHJA is currently developing a lower cost level of horse recording for our Zone and Foundation Horse of the Year programs, which we look forward to implementing in the near future. The USHJA is committed to developing the tiered fee for service model for the benefit of our members and their equine partners.

For questions pertaining to horse registration, please contact Christine Kennedy at 859-825-6009 or alternatively, you may contact Kathy White at 859-225-2055 or visit


William J. Moroney, President
United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc.


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