USHJA Expands Affiliate Sportsmanship Awards Program to Include Riding Instructors

February 28, 2008

Lexington, KY-In our continuing effort to embrace the foundation level of the horse show industry, the USHJA is proud to announce the addition of a Riding Instructor Award category to the Affiliate Sportsmanship Awards Program. This Program currently recognizes a Junior, Amateur and Professional from each of our Affiliate Associations.

The goal of the Affiliate Riding Instructor Award is to recognize those individuals who are dedicated to teaching and provide riders with their initiation to the sport. By mentoring riders and instructing them in good horsemanship, riding basics and the love and respect of the horse, they are building the strong foundation of our future horsemen. This award is designed to recognize those dedicated teachers who have spent their time "in the ring" encouraging love and growth of our sport to entry level riders, primarily at unrecognized competition level.

Recipients of this award must be at minimum an Outreach member of the USHJA, at least 18 years of age and in good standing with USHJA. Additionally, the nominating Affiliate Association must be a current Affiliate member of USHJA.

For questions or additional information regarding the Affiliate Sportsmanship Award Program, please contact Christine Kennedy at 859-825-6009.

Contact: Christine Kennedy

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