USHJA Amateur Sportsmanship Award

Now accepting nominations for 2006!

June 9, 2006

The goal of the Amateur Sportsmanship Award is to recognize Amateur-Owner and Adult Amateur exhibitors who exhibit a degree of excellence and integrity by supporting their fellow competitors and volunteer their time and resources to various aspects of the industry. Examples of this include serving on committees, providing sponsorships, and promoting the welfare of the horse. Success in the show ring to be a secondary factor for nominations.

The accolades for the candidates must be earned from December 1st- September 15th of each competition year. The nominees for the award will come from exhibitors, trainers, colleagues or peers. A biography of the nominee must be submitted to USHJA by October 3, 2006. (Please note, the nominee must be an active member of USHJA). The members of the USHJA Amateurs Committee will review and vote for the winner.

The award will be presented each year at the USHJA Annual Meeting. Please note, this program will begin December 1, 2005 and the first winner will be awarded at the 2006 Annual Meeting.

***For more information or to submit nominees, please contact Jill Insko at or (859) 225-2054***

Contact: Jill Insko - (859) 225-2054

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